A blog in 2023

It feels weird. Not wrong… just classic.

With a particular social media platform now owned by a fascist I felt it prudent to get this figured out again. I may not write, I may write a ton. I thought I might actually start posting pictures on my website instead of Instagram.

It is really amusing to me that in 2005 I was so excited about social media. I mean, who wasn’t?! MySpace let you put your favorite song on your profile, and everyone HAD to listen to it (or at least the first few seconds while they tried to scroll down the page to hit pause). You could pick your top eight friends, which honestly was a lot harder than it should have been. It felt innocent. It felt fun. But that really only lasted like a year or two… three tops.

I was on Facebook for 14 years. A lot longer than I was ever on MySpace. Facebook, for a while there, felt like a constant stream of thoughts and feelings.

  • Updating my status at the bar when I’m sad I don’t have a date? Yup.
  • Agonizing on whether or not to friend that cute friend-of-a-friend on Facebook? Yep.
  • But is it Facebook Official? It honestly strikes me a little weird that I’ve never been friends with my wife on Facebook. Like, I don’t even think I’ve looked her up.

What a time to be alive. We’ve come full circle. From blogs to social media and now back to blogs. Remember Blogger? It still exists. Blogger, a really old Google product, still exists! Maybe they knew all along…

I digress. This is what this will be. Me typing and hitting Publish”… Yes, I really want to publish” and finally, Publish now.” Safeguards are good to have in place. No agonizing here!